Welcome to Hampton Roads Fastener & Construction Supply Inc. Hampton Roads Fastener & Construction Supply Inc. was founded by Grant Baird in 1993 and still remains a family owned business to this day. The Company’s first name was Hampton Roads Nut & Bolt Co. Inc. as it began operations as a complete fastener supplier to the various construction trades around Hampton Roads. The company’s product line up still includes a full line of fasteners but over the years has expanded to include a broad line of related construction supplies.

Although the name has changed, the things that have remained the same over the years have been the high level of commitment and dedication to exceptional customer service, safe delivery of high quality products and competitive pricing.


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Interesting fact: If you’ve ever designed a part with a tapped hole, you may have wondered, “How many threads do I need to make a strong connection?” The answer is that it varies, but six at most.  Because bolts stretch slightly when load is applied, the loading on each thread is different. When you apply a tensile load on a threaded fastener, the first thread at the point of connection sees the highest percentage of the load. The load on each thread decreases from there, as seen in the table below. Additional threads beyond the sixth will not further distribute the load and will not make the connection any stronger.